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Anybody know what's up with viewing submission reviews?

2007-08-22 04:35:18 by MorosisCoG

Is that function just broken, or what? On neither of my accounts am I able to check out or respond to reviews that people so nicely leave. Is it dysfunctional or am I just retarded and need some more exp or something?

Here it is.

2007-07-20 23:12:45 by MorosisCoG

This is it. It's a music project, you see. Of course it's not something much quite yet, I hope for it to grow over time.

Since this is dedicated to music, I have a main account at

If you like the music, don't hesitate to comment.

Even though it's not like this is a major, label-associated music project, it has a MySpace right here.

Eventually I'll delve into many types of music, but as you can imagine, starting off makes things a bit limited.

Anyway, enjoy the tunes.